Voluntary Dues

How much are HOA dues? What is a free rider?

Your Union is very important to your employment at Michigan. You are entitled to the labor contract's terms, but nothing more if you do not join. The HOA is committed to making every effort toward obtaining 100% bargaining unit membership. You must affirmatively opt into the Association and sign the Dues Authorization.  Yearly HOA dues are 0.5% of your annual salary paid in 10 equal payments from September through June via payroll deduction

Why join? First, the HOA is at peak strength when our membership matches the entire unit of residents and fellows. That means our solidarity gives us power when disputes arise. Second, the HOA and its dues-paying members provide a myriad of benefits to house officers, including the stocked HOA lounge, programs and social events, free notary services, free attorney consultations on issues related to your contract, and email notifications keeping you updated on your terms and conditions of employment. The HOA may bar non-members from these Union-funded benefits. Finally, only members can vote on future labor contracts, participate in bargaining, or become involved in HOA affairs.

When you choose not to support the union that supports you, it jeopardizes the future of the union and future generations of trainees. Without the union bargaining on your behalf, you would not have the generous wages, benefits, and paid time-off options you will enjoy through the Agreement.

If you join, but find your name on our list of non-members (aka Free Riders), please let us know. This list is automatically updated hourly. If you see a name on the list you recognize, ask them to consider joining, too!