HOA MiChart Tools

The HOA has create a few tools for House Officers to try and help supplement what UMHS and MCIT have provided for the MiChart transition.

CareWeb to MiChart Template Converter

Transcriptionist Blanks Only
Transcriptionist Blanks and Pre-Defined Tags

Connecting to MiChart From Off Campus

  1. Connect to the UMHS VPN
    (See, How do I view pages on the internal website (med.umich.edu/i) from off campus?)
  2. Visit vplaces.med.umich.edu
  3. Login with you level 2

Tipsheets for connecting with a computer:
MiChart Remote Access Tip Sheet (Windows) from MCIT
MiChart Remote Access Tip Sheet (Mac OSX) from MCIT

To access MiChart remotely on your iPad, you need to install Citrix Receiver. Then just follow the instructions above (connect to VPN, then visit vplaces.med.umich.edu)
If you are on campus, after installing Citrix Receiver, just visit vplaces.med.umich.edu, without connecting to the VPN.

MiChart Tip Sheet Search

The MiChart website has a lot of great information on it, but there is a lot sift through. There are two search boxes on that page. One searches the entire med.umich.edu website, the other searches only titles, and descriptions of tipsheets. The HOA MiChart Tip Sheet Search v3 utilizes the UMHS system to search tipsheets, but index the whole tipsheet document, instead of only the title or description.

It will only work if you are on campus or connected to the VPN. If you do not find what you are looking for check the actual MiChart support website by MCIT.

Go to HOA MiChart Tip Sheet Search v3