Current Unfair Labor Practice Charges and Grievances with the Employer

A list of the the current grievances and unfair labor practice (ULP) charges filed with Michigan Medicine.

09/12/2018 - Maternity and Vacation Grievance

Grievance Summary

This grievance seeks to address the Employer's unilateral decision to make vacation mandatory for all house officers and not let our post-partum employees decide for themselves whether to use vacation to augment maternity leave.

Employer Response Summary

The Employer denies that there has been any change in historical past-practice regarding the use of paid time off or the application of unused vacation toward mitigating the amount of "make-up" time a House Officer (particularly our women) must make up after a leave of absence.

Rather than another costly arbitration hearing, the HOA has suggested the following language for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The HOA and the Employer recognizes that delays or interruptions may arise during training such that the required training cannot be completed within the standard total training time established for each training program and that the requirements vary between training programs. In such circumstances, if the trainee's Program Director and clinical competency committee attest that the trainee has achieved required competence, the Program Director may seek on the resident’s behalf, a reduction-in-training, to the extent allowed by the national accrediting board. Separately negotiated benefits contained within the collective bargaining agreement such as paid vacation during an appointment year may be used to off-set any deficits in training time.  Additionally, required research blocks may be assigned congruently with any paid LOA at the discretion of the Program Director, in compliance with a trainees national accrediting board. Reductions in training is not assured or guaranteed.  In no case may be the Program Director be compelled to make the request of the national accrediting board.  The request is made solely on the assessment of readiness for independent practice.

09/05/2018 - Cell Phone Stipend Grievance

Grievance Summary

This grievance seeks to address the Employer's unilateral decision not to provide Cell Phone Stipend forms to fellows when they provided other pre-employment forms. This action resulted in newly hired fellows not receiving the July 2018 stipend.

Employer Response Summary

The Employer denied this grievance because it asserts that it is within their right not to provide the necessary forms to newly hired house officers along with all their other pre-hire documentation. Denying the $50 stipend in July of 2018 was within the employer's rights.

06/11/2018 - Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Charge

Grievance Summary

This is a multi-charged complaint filed against the Employer regarding retaliation against union members in the Family Medicine program, the union as an entity, and its bargaining agent. It also includes the employer's breach of the 2013 Settlement Agreement regarding surgery residents while assigned to academic development time.

Employer Response Summary

The employer's response to the ULP was to deny any retaliation or repudiation of the CBA and tried (unsuccessfully) to have the judge dismiss the case.  In a nutshell, the employer attests that its actions are within in the scope of the CBA and signed Settlement Agreements.  The HOA's retaliation charge is directly related to the last ULP hearing where the same judge ruled in the HOA's favor.

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