Current Grievances and Unfair Labor Practice Charges with the Employer

A list of the the current association grievances and unfair labor practice (ULP) charges filed with Michigan Medicine.

Association Grievances FY2021 - FY2023

#TopicStatusGrievanceResponseIntent to ArbitrateNews
20-10680Anesthesiology Interview DaysDeniedpdfpdfn/a2021-01-14
20-10679Staff ReductionDeniedpdfpdfn/a2021-01-14
21-10818 GMEC MinutesDeniedpdfpdfpdf2021-12-23
 -Access to Programs' PoliciesSatisfiedpdfn/a n/a 
 -Supplemental Insurance Default Smoker StatusSatisfiedpdfn/a n/a2021-09-29
 -Holiday Pay #1Satisfiedpdfn/an/a 
 -Meal Allowance #1Satisfiedpdfn/an/a 
21-10987 Probation without Cause Pending Decisionpdfpdfpdf 
21-11014Assistance and SupportPending Decision pdfpdfpdf 
 -Work on Vacation DaysSatisfiedpdfn/an/a 
22-11091Holiday Pay #2Pending Decisionpdfpdfpdf2022-02-02
22-11168Hem/Onc After Hours CallPending Arbitrationpdfpdfpdf 
-MealsPending Responsepdf  2022-06-14

Unfair Labor Practice Charges FY2021 - FY2023

TopicStatusChargeResponseRuling and/or MOUNews
Refusal to Bargain Over Additional CompensationSettledpdfpdfMOU2022-01-20