Why join the HOA?

Some of the benefits of HOA membership.

Representing House Officers for more than 50 years!

The HOA works on your behalf to ensure wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment are commensurate with the services you provide.

Current Contract Includes:

  • Competitive base salary and annual promotional step increases
  • A Lump Sum payment to encourage savings equal to 10% of salary each November
  • "Holiday Bonus" equal to 2/365th of salary each January
  • $60 monthly cell phone stipend (not taxed) with HIPPA-compliant device management
  • Four weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Holiday pay of 1/365th of salary if you work on one of 10 holidays, including your birthday!
  • Affordable health plans, life insurance (no fee), long-term group disability insurance (no
    fee), UM Supplemental Retirement Accounts
  • Paid time-off (8 Hours) for preventive health care
  • A paid personal day off
  • Meal Reimbursement for those who qualify
  • Travel (mileage) reimbursement for assignments greater than 15 miles round trip
  • Paid maternity leave for birthing house officers (6 or 8 weeks)
  • Paid parental leave for all house officers (6 weeks) in addition to maternity leave
  • House Officer Representation on Health System Committees

Other Benefits

  • Free Notary Public services
  • Lounge with hot beverage station, break tables, massage chair, computers, cable TV, in
    University Hospital - UH2F210
  • Child care questions can be directed to the Work/Life Resource Center @ 734.936.8677 or visit their website hr.umich.edu/worklife
  • As a member of the collective bargaining unit, should the need arise, your right to due process will be protected.

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