How does house officer disability insurance work?

Details about the disability insurance plan for house officers.

The current disability insurance plan is managed by Flynn Benefits. Their contact information and details about the plan can be found at flynnbenefits.com.

Please remember, Mike Flynn will never page a House Officer unless requested to do so.

Flynn Benefits has provided the following video to help explain the program.

Is the plan changing?

Periodically insurance agents from around the country obtain the email addresses of physicians and target them with deceptive advertising. This has been a common occurrence at U of M for house officers. Most recently some house officers received an email letting them know that the unisex rates currently offered were going away. 

  • The House Officer disability plan is not changing.
  • Flynn Benefits Group is the only broker associated with the HOA contract to administer the disability plan offered to House Officers.
  • If you do apply with an outside company and the application is declined or postponed, you will not be able to take advantage of the HOA individual options.
  • If something ever changes with the plan, you will be informed by Mike Flynn or the HOA directly.