How do maternity and paternity leave work for house officers

A birthing house officer is entitled to 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, taken consecutively.  The 6 weeks may be taken immediately preceeding the birth or immediately after.  A house officer who is a non-birthing parent is entitled to 4 days of paid paternity leave and has the option of adding 3 vacations days to the intitial 4.  This additional time is at the house officer's discretion.  Holidays that fall during paternity leave, are not counted in the 4 day leave or toward vacation. 

During the last trimester and for 2 months post-partum, a birthing house officer will not be scheduled for overnight call and duty is to be restricted to 12 consecutive hours.

Unpaid child care leave can be extended at the request of a birthing house officer for a total period of time off not to exceed 5 months.