House Officer Parental Leave

How does maternity and paternity leave work for House Officers?

Depending on the situation a House Officer who becomes a parent can expect the following amount of paid time off from work.

Vaginal Birth6 Weeks
Cesarean8 Weeks
Primary Parent Adoption6 Weeks
Secondary Care Giver2 Weeks
  • Time off must be taken consecutively.
  • In some cases, time off can be supplemented with available vacation, please see official language below.
  • There are specific rules about when the time off can be taken, please see official language below.

Please see the following language from the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that governs how parental leave works.



A House Officer who gives birth shall receive six (6) weeks of total paid time for a vaginal delivery and eight (8) weeks for a cesarean section.

If additional time off is medically required for recovery, the House Officer will be granted Serious Illness leave under Section A of this Article. (The nature of House Officer scheduling permits scheduling of this time off using non-vacation, paid time within the regular allocation of time worked.) During the last trimester of pregnancy and for two (2) months post-partum, overnight call will not be scheduled and duty will be limited to twelve (12) consecutive hours. Exceptions may be approved by the House Officer's Obstetrician, or other appropriate physician only. A good faith effort will be made by the Employer to accommodate any other health care needs, including scheduling, that may arise during the course of the pregnancy.

The six (6) or eight (8) week period of paid time (depending on mode of delivery), if requested by the House Officer, is to be used during the period immediately preceding and/or following delivery of the child.

Regardless of when the time is taken, it is to be taken for a consecutive period of time.

A House Officer who elects to take less than six (6) or eight (8) weeks (depending on mode of delivery) for paid time for childbirth must present to her Program Coordinator a written release from her physician to return to work.



A House Officer who becomes a father, or who is a same-sex domestic partner of a birthing mother, or who is the secondary care provider of an adopted child, will be granted up to fourteen (14) consecutive paid days (not shifts) off at any time from the delivery or arrival of the child to three (3) months after delivery; or arrival of the child. The House Officer will have the option to use up to two (2) weeks, consecutive to this leave, of available vacation time to supplement this leave. Up to four (4) days of the fourteen (14) days may be used by the House Officer within three (3) months prior to the birth or arrival of the child.


Upon returning from use of Secondary Care Provider leave described in Paragraph 94, the House Officer may request and be granted no scheduled overnight call and duty limited to twelve (12) consecutive hours for no more than one (1) month immediately after their return.



A House Officer who adopts a child and is the primary care giver of the child shall be granted six (6) weeks off at the time of adoption. The six (6) weeks must be used in a consecutive period of time immediately before and/or after the date of adoption. Additional time off may be granted as vacation time, or a non-paid Child Care Leave of Absence.