House Officer Mental Health Program

The UMHS House Officer Mental Health Program has been in existence since 1997, providing a range of mental health services to a large number of house officers in all disciplines. We evaluate and treat a broad spectrum of mental health needs, including: depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, ADHD, stress management, interpersonal difficulties, and work-life balance issues, to name a few. We are committed to supporting house officers during this significant, rewarding, and often stressful stage of life.

Our attending psychiatrists are available to see house officers expediently for a free of charge, confidential evaluation (insurance is not billed and the visit is not documented in MiChart). This typically takes about an hour, and includes a conversation regarding treatment recommendations. If ongoing treatment is recommended, this may take place in our department, and subsequent visits would be billed/documented in the usual fashion. If a house officer prefers to be treated outside of our health system, we are happy to provide referrals for experienced, reputable community-based psychiatric and psychotherapeutic providers as well.

To schedule an evaluation, simply contact Natalie Dooley, administrative assistant, at 734-763-4215.

The current participating attending psychiatrists are

  • Kate Baker, MD
  • Karla Blackwood, MD
  • Srijan Sen, MD