HOA Housing Website

How do I post my property? Who has access? These and other questions answered.

The U of M House Officers Association provides the HOA Housing website to its members and others in the community. The mission of the HOA Housing website is:

To facilitate the House Officer's search for housing, especially housing owned by members of the greater University of Michigan community.

The website can be found at housing.hoaumich.org.

Who has access?

Anyone can register an account and search for a property. Dues paying members of the House Officers Association, and those incoming House Officers who plan to join the HOA, can list a property for sale of for rent, as needed, without a listing token.

Other users of the site may also list a property as a reward for donating to the HOA. Before donating, register an account on the HOA Housing website, then make a donation on the donation page of the HOA's main website.

A token will be granted with a minimum donation of $25. If you confirm your membership of the larger U of M community by verifying your uniqname, that minimum donation will drop to $5.

It is okay for House Officers to post a listing on behalf of their landlord, if they had a good experience renting from them.

How do I post a property?

Once you have registered an account on the HOA Housing website, and if needed, obtained your listing token, you can log in and post your property.

  • Navigate to the "For Rent & For Sale" section of the site
  • Click or tap on "My Listings"
  • Click or tap the "New Listing" button
  • Once your new listing appears, click on "Edit Details"
  • Fill in the information about your place, save your changes
  • It is highly recommended that you click or tap "Add Images"
    • Upload images of your place
    • Select a cover photo
  • Click "Publish" to make the property visible on the site.

How long will the listing be visible on the site?

Listings have an expiration date 180 days from when they were created, or the last time they were renewed.

A listing will not appear on the site after it is expired, regardless of its "published / hidden" status.

When you renew a listing you will reset the expiration date to 180 days from renewal time, and move the listing to the top of the list. You can do so every 30 days. If you are a user who needs a token to post a listing, you will also need a token to renew a listing.

For Sale vs For Rent vs Room For Rent

There are three listing types.

  • For Sale: A Property that is for sale.
  • For Rent: A whole property that is for rent.
  • Room For Rent: A single room for rent in a property where others will live, with some shared space.

Roommate Finder

Current dues paying House Officers, and incoming House Officers who plan to join have access to another section of the site called the "Roommate Finder". User may post information about themselves in hopes of finding someone to split rent with. If you already have a place to live and are looking for a roommate you may also include information about your place. Access to this section is highly restricted to protect users privacy. It is recommended that if you create a normal "Room for Rent" listing, that you also post in the roommate finder.

Have more questions, need help?

If you have further questions, or need help with something, please use the help button directly on the Housing Website.