Lounge Fridge Rules

The rules for use of the refrigerator located in the House Officers Lounge.

Acceptable uses:

  1. House Officers who use the HOA Lounge lactation pod may store breast milk while at work
  2. All HOA members may store food brought from home, or purchased on site.


  • Breast Milk and Food must be stored separately on their assigned shelves.
  • No communal items allowed. Example: condiments intended to be left in the fridge.
  • All items must be labeled with name, date, and time they are placed in the fridge.
  • All items must be in a closed container.
  • Any item without a label will be thrown away.
  • Any item not in a closed container will be thrown away.
  • Any item that appears spoiled or has a strong odor will be thrown away, regardless of the date/time on the label.
  • Any food older than 24 hours will be thrown away.
  • Any milk older than 28 hours will be thrown away.
  • Any item dated or time-stamped in the future will be thrown away.
  • When food is discarded, containers such as “glad-ware” or worse will be thrown away with the food. Containers better than “glad-ware”, such as “pyrex” or reusable lunch bags, will be rinsed and placed on the lost and found shelf.
  • HOA staff have the final say on what gets thrown out.

A bin to the right of the fridge contains supplies to mark your items with your name and the date/time. Please do not remove the tape, labels, or Sharpies from the lounge.