Overflow Sleep Space

Where to sleep when called in from home.

House Officers who are not assigned to in-house overnight call do not typically have access to dedicated call room spaces.  When called in from home, additional sleeping space is available in Taubman.

  • Patients are seen on this unit 7:30 am to 8:00 pm M-F. Sleep space is available outside these operating hours.
  • During operating hours this is a high traffic area. Please remember to take belongings with you as securing them will be difficult when the clinic opens.
  • A clean set of sheets are set up when the clinic closes. To trigger the sheets to be changed in the morning, please pull the used sheets and leave them on the bed.

To gain access to the space, call Security Services (936-7890) or stop by the Security Facilities Control Center (UH 1A 2012). A security officer can meet or escort Hosue Officers to the Taubman Building and provide access to the Infusion area.

Directions from Elevator 4

  • Take the elevator or stairs to the first floor of the Taubman Center
  • Turn right down the very long hallway.
  • Walk past the overhead sign labeled "Ambulatory Diagnostic and Treatment Unit, Infusion" and turn right at the next corner.
  • The entrance to room 1922H, labeled "ADTU", will be on your right.
  • This door has a card reader, security will need to let you in.

Directions from the Triangle

  • Take the carpeted hall with windows towards the Taubman Center.
  • Staircase 1 is on your right as you leave the windowed hallway and enter Taubman.
  • Take Staircase 1 to the first floor.
  • The entrance to room 1922H, labeled "ADTU", is in front of you when you exit the stairs.
  • This door has a card reader, security will need to let you in.