What is a Holiday Block?

Not all programs assign a block of days off during the holidays.

A Holiday Block is a block of days off that are not vacation days or days guaranteed to be free from duty in the collective bargaining agreement. Some programs assign a block of consecutive days off from work during the December and January holidays due to reduced clinic schedules, etc. Those programs offering a Holiday Block try to schedule these days off evenly. However, there is nothing in the Agreement that protects a Holiday Block. 

The assignment of a Holiday Block has no impact on your request for a Holiday Pay Substitution. If you are not scheduled to work on a day that you would receive Holiday Pay. You may substitute that day for a day you are working. 

27 - Any House Officer may substitute up to two (2) alternative days of their choice for any of the previously defined House Officer holidays within any twelve (12) month appointment period so long as the substitution request is made at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the House Officer defined holiday selected for substitution or the day selected as the substitute, whichever is closer. Once a House Officer defined holiday has passed, it is no longer eligible for substitution. These substitutions will be mutually agreeable to the House Officer and their Program Director. That House Officer will be eligible for holiday pay if they have any assigned responsibilities by their training program on those agreed-upon substitute dates.