C&W Workroom

Details on the workroom located in the C&W call suite, and how to get access.

The C&W Workroom is a quiet workroom located in the C&W call suite. There are four workstations with computers, along with a microwave, fridge, and various supplies. With a large window and lots of natural light, it is an excellent space to get away for House Officers who need to get some work done in C&W.

If you are in need of a private workspace and do not have a call room assigned to you, the HO Workroom in room  29 (3-355) is also available.


Room 18 (3-332) in the Children's & Women's Hospital Call Room Suite, in the back left corner when entering the suite.


The C&W workroom is for the exclusive use of House Officers. A keypad lock and code control access to the room. HOA members can use hoaumich.org/code to obtain the code.

If you are a dues-paying member of the HOA and the form is not emailing you the code, please get in touch with us.


The following may be available in the C&W Workroom:

  • Candy, Mints, or other treats
  • Personal Hygiene: Toothbrushes, Glasses Wipes, Tampons & Pads, OTC Pain Meds, Tissue
  • HOA Pens

Supplies are coordinated through the HOA on a weekly basis. Unavailability of products, consumption of products, budget limitations, and varied delivery schedules may result in not having whatever you are looking for.

Phone Quick Charge Station

The HOA maintains a phone charging station in the C&W Workroom. Please see the Phone Charger FAQ for more information.


The HOA maintains a fridge in the C&W Workroom. Please see the rules for the C&W Workroom fridge.