Can the HOA Help With Academic Discipline?

The HOA's legal rights are limited to employment issues, but there are some ways we can assist.

Distinguishing between employment and academic issues is often difficult for House Officers. The HOA has limits on what it can and cannot do and is bound by the language in the CBA.

  1. The HOA has no legal standing over your academic progress, or any remediation or probation related to it. Those are the sole prerogative of your Department.
  2. As such, the HOA contract grievance and arbitration procedures do not apply to anything that is purely academic. Issues of suspension or termination from a residency of fellowship program that are related to academics are in the sole discretion of the University.
  3. However, the Hospital is still required to provide you with a way to contact the HOA in the event you have a remediation plan, probation, suspension, termination, or non-reappointment.
  4. This is because the HOA is always interested in meeting with our members who may be experiencing hardship, but also because through the discussion we might find an employment issue we can help with.
  5. Your Department should have an easily accessible academic grievance process if you feel any sort of remediation is unfair. Keep an eye on the proper deadlines for filing a grievance. Representatives of the HOA will also frequently proofread your grievance if you request.
  6. You also have appeal rights to the GMEC if you do not like the final decision in your Department. Their policy can be found here.
  7. Please note that you can bring an observer to your GMEC hearing, but they are not able to assist you during it.