Tenants and Landlords

Questions about renting in Michigan? This guide may help.

Welcome, House Officers!  Many of you may be new to the state and renting in Michigan for the first time. We recently got a few questions about what to do if you're having relationship issues with your landlord. "Tenants and Landlords, A Practical Guide" from the website may answer some of your questions.  Especially when it comes to maintenance of the property, you need to know your rights.  The guide offers some helpful solutions and includes a step by step process for filing a legal complaint and taking the issue to small claims court.

Additionally, it details the landlord's rights when it comes to eviction.  Current and past House Officers may also find this guide useful, as many of you have become landlords yourselves.

If you are looking for further guidance, the Michigan Attorney General's Office links to this helpful website that has a wealth of information on Tenant Rights.