Flynn Benefits on June 14

Your plan is guaranteed issue and portable - take it with you when you leave training!

Get Your Questions Answered

The HOA's Long-term Group Disability representative, Mike Flynn, will be available on Friday, June 14, from 11 am to 1 pm (with Jimmy John's) to answer your questions regarding both group coverage through the HOA contract and guaranteed own occupational coverage, once you finish training.  

Additional coverage is also available for purchase while you are a House Officer.  Lock into "own occupational" before your birthday when the rates will increase!  

Mike has contacted the Chief Residents to set up a meeting with those who are completing their training or have questions. Check with your chief for details.

Have you been contacted by other insurance agents, telling you something about your plan is going to change?

Periodically insurance agents from around the country obtain the email addresses of physicians and target them with deceptive advertising. This has been a common occurrence at U of M for house officers. Most recently some house officers received an email letting them know that the unisex rates currently offered were going away. 

  • The House Officer disability plan is not changing.
  • Flynn Benefits Group is the only broker associated with the HOA contract to administer the disability plan offered to House Officers.
  • If something ever changes with the plan, you will be informed by Mike Flynn or the HOA directly.