Disruptive and Deceiving Pages

What is being done about this?

Many HO's report receiving pages that are disruptive.  The Pager Directory has always been available to the general public.  As our society has become more comfortable using technology, even patient families are paging physicians with little to no regard for how that might impact the care of other patients.  As professionals, you have a duty to return pages, no matter how lacking in detail they are.  Your frustration is understandable.  There are two initiatives being developed to address this issue.  

A website has been developed and tested and is ready to be launched.  It would move the Paging Directory behind a firewall where users would need to use a password (think level 1 or 2) to access the site.  Approval of this change needs to go through the Chief Information Security Officer, Jack Kufahl.  He is currently assessing the impact of this change. 

This website was developed through a grant by the Office of Clinical Affairs as a patient safety project initiated by Internal Medicine.  Our own Arjun Sondhi worked with Jinan Li in MCIT to create this.  The site allows for real time verification of pager status change, pager coverage change and the ability to easily create groups for group paging.  It also allows you to see who you are covering!

The second initiative is a joint "Cease and Desist Order" being drafted by the HOA's attorney and Christine Gerdes, with the Office of General Counsel.  Thanks to all of you who have shared the call back numbers of these solicitors, we have identified several companies who are using this disruptive and deceiving practice and we will be able to serve notice through legal channels.

Please continue to gather as much information as you can about these individuals who contact you through the paging system and share it with Robin.