Scrutinize Your Paystub

Monthly or periodic review through Wolverine Access is important.

The Wolverine Access self-serve menu is available to you by using your UM unique name and level 1 password.  There is a quick link through the Clinical Home Page, under Staff Resources, scroll down the shortcut list on the right of your screen.

If you are not able to access your benefit options through Wolverine Access, you should first call the Benefits Office at (734) 615-2000.  

Additional points of contact for benefits are  Records & Information Services (HRRIS) (734) 647-0018 and UHR Benefits Transaction Team (734) 936-0258.

All of these traditional HR functions are part of the Shared Services Center. Please make sure your payroll deductions are accurate and accounted for.  Union dues, healthcare contributions, monthly AVI fees, retirement accounts, holiday pay, need to be accounted for on your pay stub.

All income is subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare tax). You may want to adjust the amount of your contribution (the number of "Allowances") that will be withheld so your net pay is not further reduced by the FICA tax.  This is your W4 Form.

Tax-deferred contributions are not subject to federal and state income tax withholding when deducted, but are still subject to FICA tax.