Working with Work Connections

What your provider needs to provide and why.

The HOA Agreement states that Work Connections will be contacted by you or your program coordinator should you become seriously ill for more than 7 calendar days.  We are using Work Connections due to some very real privacy concerns that were brought to our attention prior to contract negotiations.  Your program is not required to know the circumstances of your illness or injury and you have every right to privacy should you be unable to work for any reason.  

The Union's role is to make sure you get paid while on leave.  Only your department can choose not to pay you and this has NEVER happened.  It is recognized throughout our institution that you would like to complete training as soon as possible and often push yourselves to return to work when you should not.  

IF your department were to choose not to pay you while seriously ill, it is likely due to documentation missing from your EMR and as a result, Work Connections would report that you are able to work.  Be proactive in communicating with your provider.  The documentation in your record needs to be reflected in the letter they provide which states why you are unable to perform your duties as a house officer.  The duties of a house officer are rigorous.  (You may need to remind your provider of how long you are expected to work, stand, walk, lift, etc.)  "Reasonable accommodations" upon your return to work is the law of the land.  If you require assistance or have questions navigating the process, the HOA will help you and your privacy will be maintained.  Remember, Robin is our advocate and works on behalf of the membership.