Grievances and Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs)

What triggers the union to file?

The most important thing a union does is protect its dues-paying members. 

Recent grievances have been related to work being assigned to our members that had been previously done by other job classifications like Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), issues concerning holiday pay eligibility and timeliness of payment, and denial of the lump sum benefit, have all warranted action by the HOA. 

Refusing to arbitrate a grievance is an Unfair Labor Practice.  The University (Michigan Medicine), has been found guilty of this practice in the past.  Undermining the Union is another Unfair Labor Practice.  Does every contract violation result in a grievance or ULP?  Absolutely not.  The union prefers to work together with the appropriate program/GME/Labor Relations, depending on the issue, to avoid grievances and ULPs.  While some issues have resulted in implementing the grievance/complaint process, other issues have been appropriately addressed with no grievance.