House Officer Employment Status

When you rotate at other affiliated locations you are still a University of Michigan employee and represented by the HOA.

Your pay stub says the University of Michigan.  Michigan Medicine is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University.  The HOA is the sole bargaining agent recognized by the University.

When issues arise such as Saint Joseph's Mercy Health System administration requiring Michigan Medicine employees (House Officers represented by the HOA) to use personal smartphones for the care of SJMHS patients, which would require downloading special software (HALO) to be compliant, this presents an employment issue.  SJMHS is not a joint employer.  A joint employer has certain Federal and State legal and financial reporting requirements.  

In fact, SJMHS is subject to the National Labor Relations Act.  They are essentially a national religious organization.  All University of Michigan employees are recognized as public employees of the state.

Additionally, the National Labor Relations Board further identified wide-ranging problems that would arise if joint employers with little actual connection to employees were subjected to bargaining with a union representing the joint employees. Moreover, it would lead to conflicts with franchise law, trademark law, and even current NLRB law.

With regard to SJMHS decision to stop using pagers, there is currently a plan for a limited number of in-house loaner phones.  This plan is currently being crafted and no details are available yet.  There is no definitive date on the proposed Halo roll-out and the HOA will continue to work with Labor Relations and SJMHS to communicate with affected House Officers as details become available.