Why Paying Dues is Important

The list of members not paying dues.

It has come to the Association's attention that some house officers had no idea that they weren't paying dues and thought this was an automatic deduction. That isn't correct. While we have 1,178 dues members, there are 83 non-paying members. If you see a friend or colleague’s name on the list you recognize, ask them to consider joining, as you have. We are stronger together!

Dues-paying members provide many benefits including maintaining and stocking the HOA lounge - candy, coffee, tea, printing supplies, various programs and social events, the cost of hosting a website with a dedicated free housing site, free notary services, free attorney consultations on employment issues that may arise, and email notifications (HOA Announcements) keeping you updated on the terms and conditions of your employment and other topics that may be of interest to you. 

Additionally, you employ a full-time advocate with many years of labor relations experience who will go to bat for you if the need arises.  The Association also contracts an IT consultant/webmaster and a part-time administrator.

Free Riders, a legal term, are employees who are covered by collective bargaining agreements but are not union members.  They do not pay dues but reap all the benefits of the contract.  Dues-paying members, like you, cover the entire cost. Essentially, giving them a “Free Ride.”

Non-Dues Paying Members