Internal Moonlighting for House Officers

GME policies dictate.

GME decides on the appropriateness of adding new internal moonlighting opportunities for House Officers.  The HOA has absolutely NOTHING to do with this process.  The wage you accept to moonlight for Michigan Medicine is not bargained for by the HOA. The only language that was bargained for is your RIGHT to moonlight.  

The HOA’s position is that internal moonlighting is a win/win for House Officers and Michigan Medicine, so it is unfortunate that these opportunities are limited, especially when a need is well documented.

You are encouraged to report staffing shortages that you feel pose a threat to patient safety, ANY patient safety concern should be reported. The compliance hotline should be used by Health System employees to raise financial, regulatory and patient safety concerns.

Call the University of Michigan Compliance Hotline at 866-990-0111 or submit an online report.