Lactation Spaces for House Officers

University Hospital and C&W have dedicated house officer rooms. There is a lactation pod in the HOA Lounge.

The HOA is excited to announce the installation of a Mamava Solo lactation pod in the House Officer Lounge. The Mamava joins our two dedicated House Officer Only Lactation Rooms to provide private and convenient spaces for house officers to pump while at work.

The unit was paid for by a gift from the Michigan Medicine Alumni Society and HOA funds. There is an electrical outlet for your breast pump, and a USB port to charge your phone.

The dedicated House Officer Only Lactation Rooms are located in UH 4A 4101 and C&W 3-954 (inside the call room suite).

Please see the following FAQ article for the most up to date information on the spaces, including how to access them.

FAQ: House Officer Lactation Spaces

Locations and access instructions for the lactation spaces the HOA has provided to house officers.