USMLE Step 3 or COMPLEX Level 3 Reimbursement

You get reimbursed when you take the exam after your employment has commenced. Do not take it before you start working here!

The HOA has negotiated Reimbursement of your Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3 application fee if certain requirements are met.

Please contact the HOA if you have been denied reimbursement after taking the exam as an employee of Michigan Medicine.

If you are a dues-paying member of the HOA, Robin or Steve can notarize your Step-3 CID form at no charge. Please make an appointment.

See the FAQ below for details on how reimbursement works:

Step 3 Reimbursement

Information on USMLE Step 3 and COMPLEX Level 3 Reimbursement

Article IV, Section I of the Collective Bargaining Agreement provides a process for your USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3 application fee to be reimbursed.

The HOA negotiated this benefit for you, but it is the University that will reimburse you. The reimbursement is only available for one attempt.

Submit your score sheet, along with any other documentation they request, to your program's CONCUR delegate or designee.

You must:

  • Take the test after your employment has commenced
  • Submit your score sheet within 30 days of receiving the results
  • Take the exam before the beginning of your last year
    Be in a one-year transitional residency (If doing a transitional year, you must submit your request by June 1)


See the official contract language below:




For residents only, when taken prior to the House Officer's final residency program year at the University of Michigan, the University will reimburse a House Officer for the application fee for USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3 examination. This reimbursement also applies to a resident completing a one-year transitional residency at the University. Reimbursement will be for the examination application fee only and reimbursement is available for one (1) attempt.


A resident is eligible for reimbursement if they submit their score sheet to the Program along with the required documentation, as determined by their Department, to their CONCUR delegate or designee within 30 calendar days of receiving the exam results. For a resident in a one-year transitional residency, the completed reimbursement request and documentation must be submitted no later than June 1.