Additional Paid Time Off

In addition to vacation time, and paid sick days, you receive paid time off for preventative care and personal time.

A House Officer who has a preventive medical or dental appointment, shall receive paid time off, not exceeding eight (8) hours per year. Preventative Care time is intended to be taken in full or half day increments. However, Preventative Care time may also be taken in increments of less than a half day to accommodate a late arrival or early departure for the purpose of attending a preventative appointment. The House Officer must provide their Program Director with at least thirty (30) days advance notice of the need to take Preventative Care time, on a form provided by the Employer. A House Officer will make reasonable efforts to provide notice to the program and assist the program in securing coverage for any assigned duties.

In addition, a House Officer shall receive one (1) Personal Day per program year, which may be used for any personal need, including medical, dental, or mental health appointments. Personal Days may be used in full or half day increments, but nothing less. The House Officer must give their Program Director at least thirty (30) days advance notice of the need to take a Personal Day, on a form provided by the Employer.  (You are not required to share the reason for the request.)

Unused Preventative Care and Personal Days shall not be carried over from program year to program year, and shall not be available to use to offset deficits in training due to leaves of absence or other reasons.

A House Officer with a part-time appointment, either by FTE effort or employment within the program year, will be entitled to Preventative Care and Personal Days in direct proportion to their appointment.

There is no limit to the number of sick days you might need, However, abuse of sick time off may result in a corrective action. There is no contractually defined number of allowable sick days,  Time away from training could result in an extension of your training time at Michigan Medicine.  Each national certifying board has their own policy and you should familiarize yourself with your particular board policy.