Conflicts of Interest and or Commitment

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Disclosure Guidance

Michigan Medicine Leadership, Fellows, House Officers, UMMS Faculty

Michigan Medicine Leadership, Fellows, House Officers, and UMMS Faculty must prospectively disclose all job-related outside interests pertaining to themselves and/or their family member(s) in M-Inform, as well as disclose potential or actual conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment directly to their chair, supervisor, or principal investigator, as appropriate. Outside Interest disclosures must be made at least annually and must be updated within 30 days when circumstances change or when a new outside interest arises. M-Inform disclosures will be reviewed by Department Chairs or Supervisors or their designees for any potential conflict of interest or conflict of commitment, and assessed both for the appropriateness of the activity as well as level of compensation to ensure it is commensurate with their effort and UMMS policies. Disclosures are subject to review by an institutional official (Compliance Office, Office of Regulatory Affairs, MECOI Board, or CECOI, as appropriate), and when a conflict is found to exist, it will be reduced, managed, or eliminated as appropriate and as provided in the procedures at Exhibit B, Faculty House Officers or Management Staff.

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