Haiku and Secure Chat

These applications are not a condition of employment.

The hospital administration asked for your help in preparing for the eventual future where pagers are eliminated as a communication option. Michigan Medicine is moving towards Epic Secure Chat for non-urgent communication. The email contained the following line: “it is critical that all of you install Epic Haiku on your iOS or Android device”.

Many of you reached out to the HOA with concerns and the HOA would like to clarify that using your personal device is not a condition of employment. If you are uncomfortable, you are not required to use your personal device for work.

According to their email, this first step in the transition away from paging pertains to non-urgent messages. We have previously advocated that urgent or emergent patient-related communication should not rely on personal devices, and we will continue to do so.  

The stipend you may have elected to receive relies solely on compliance with University policies regarding security of personally owned devices (para #277 of the HOA Agreement).

We would also like to reiterate that under no circumstances should you ever give anyone else the password or access to your personal device, nor your Michigan Medicine credentials.