Memorandum of Understanding

A settlement on future bargaining if another patient surge necessitates a change in the terms and conditions of your current employment.

The HOA agreed to a settlement and has withdrawn it’s Unfair Labor Practice charge from the Michigan Employment Resolution Commission (MERC) and the related demand to bargain over last December’s unilateral change to the terms and conditions of employment impacting the majority of our bargaining unit when the Omicron surge was upon us. 

The HOA recognizes that Michigan Medicine administration’s treatment of resident physicians after being cited with a ULP by MERC, does not seem to positively impact their posture toward residents.  Therefore, it was decided that a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) added to the contract was more beneficial to the membership.  We now have the necessary framework to bargain when inpatient numbers surge and schedules are upended by patient care requirements.

MOU recognizing bargaining with the HOA.