Cafeteria Complaints

Less than appetizing options, we hear you!

Michigan Medicine, through Labor Relations, has notified the HOA that it will not address the quality of food offerings, availability of healthy food options, or the amount of current meal allowances.

There is currently no effort being made to provide you with healthy food options at all times - especially at night, which the HOA intends to pursue through the grievance process.  The HOA has repeatedly asked for improvements to be made and our requests have fallen on deaf ears, which we believe is a violation of the current contract language.  Disagreements over anything related to meals is supposed to be addressed in the Labor Management Committee but no solutions have been forthcoming. 

Your meal allowance hasn't been adjusted since 2015, and while we have discussed an increase during several Labor Management Committee meetings, Michigan Medicine refuses to adjust the amounts.  It's a frustrating for all of us who actually work here every day and night to see the prices go up and the quality go down.  Craig Luck, who administers the contract with Aramark, blames many of the issues we're having on the lack of workers willing to work at night and that's unfortunate.  You are required to work at night and are entitled to decent food that hasn't sat under a heat lamp all night long.

If you come across expired "good by" dates, please text a picture to 248-730-3346.  We are also hoping to get more photos of empty refrigerators during the night shift, too.