MERC Charge

Administration misrepresents HOA Agreement, tries to undermine the union.

Paragraph 18 of the HOA Agreement allows for the Departments to award additional compensation to House Officers.  For several months the HOA has been receiving various communications regarding our members being told by either Faculty or Chief Residents that the HOA Agreement doesn't allow the Departments to award additional compensation.  

Paragraph 18 states:

In addition to the House Officer salary and payment to encourage savings, an individual House Officer may be granted discretionary supplemental payments, rewards or reimbursement by their department. Such payments may be used as recognition of a House Officer's professional growth and development and/or contribution in supporting the University of Michigan Health System's goals and interests. This may be used for recruitment to faculty positions.

The HOA requested that the administration set the record straight with a unit-wide email.  The administration refused.  By continuing to blame the HOA and the HOA Agreement for not being able to award additional pay for all the additional work you've done due to staff shortages and no mechanism in place for covering for the absences of  Advanced Practice Providers (APP's), undermines the HOA and misrepresents the HOA Agreement.

To read the actual complaint filed with the Michigan Employment Resolution Commission, click the link below.

Additional Supplemental Pay