Release Days

Release days are not vacation days; remedy when you don't get a release day.

The Program Director, representing the Employer, is responsible for monitoring clinical and educational work hours for compliance. In the event that a House Officer does not obtain release time in accordance with the standards set forth in paragraph 65 of the contract, an alternative day off will be scheduled within the four (4)-week period. If alternative day(s) off cannot be scheduled then the House Officer will receive additional compensation equivalent to 1/365th of their annual base salary, for each day of release time that is not provided. Also, the Employer must immediately discontinue any work schedule practices that are not in compliance with these standards.

It is further understood that days off taken as vacation days will not be counted as release time as defined in paragraph 65. For example, if a Resident works the first two (2) weeks in a month, and takes the latter two (2) weeks as vacation, the resident shall still be entitled to two release days for the first two (2) weeks in that month.

Paragraph 65. Clinical and educational work hours must be limited to eighty (80) hours per week, averaged over a four (4)-week period, inclusive of all in-house call activities and designated off-premises activities. Residents must be provided with one (1) day in seven (7) free from all educational and clinical responsibilities, averaged over a four (4)-week period, inclusive of call. For purposes of this Article, one "day" or "release time" is defined as one (1) continuous twenty-four (24)-hour period, free from all clinical, educational, and administrative duties. Although the one (1) day free in seven (7) is averaged over a four-week period, the normal expectation and intent is that a House Officer would not work more than two (2)-weeks without a day off.

If you have documentation that you have not received proper release time or additional compensation for giving up your release time, please contact the HOA for assistance.