House Officer Levels

Understanding how they are assigned.

The initial assignment language is carried over from our last contract, with no changes. However, if you have a signed offer letter, where the HO level is higher than it is now that you've started work, there is a past practice for honoring the higher level. If your placement was lower than you believe it should be, the union has had success in making the argument for the higher level. 

Remember, you get credit for a Pediatric or Internal Medicine Chief year and every completed ACGME training program. Please see below for the current contract language.

Initial assignment of a House Officer to a salary level, as set forth in Table 1 (Paragraph 11), including assignments when a House Officer has changed from one residency program to another, shall be determined by the GME Office. In making this determination, factors considered will include relevant and satisfactory training and experience. Subsequent assignments to a salary level in a given residency/fellowship program shall be to the next higher level and shall be determined by the Program Director, on the basis of satisfactory experience, level of performance, and acceptance of responsibility.

When determining the initial assignment of a House Officer to a salary level where the House Officer has received international training the GME Office will count these years of international post-graduate medical training if they meet the following criteria: 1) they have successfully completed the program (partial credit is not provided); 2) the training can be translated as an equivalent to US GME training (ACGME-I accredited or US accreditation is available through the ACGME/CODA/ABOG); and 3) the US Board accepts the training to apply for US Board certification (a copy of the correspondence with the Board, or copy of the Board specific guidelines, must be provided).

When a current House Officer is changing from one residency program to another, after consultation with the GME Office, the Program Director, or equivalent level of supervision, will discuss the appropriate salary level with the House Officer prior to assignment to a salary level. In order to receive credit for prior GME training, the House Officer must successfully complete an accredited program in its entirety (accreditation must be through the same governing organization as the University program). Partial credit for participation in a program will not be provided and those years will not count toward the assignment of a salary level. However, if the Board of the specialty entering will provide credit for previous training to the new specialty, then the credit may be provided. This assignment will be confirmed in writing.