ACGME Institutional Leave of Absence Policy.

Enforcement began on July 1, 2023.

Please follow the link to the ACGME's explanation of the new LOA policy as your program may not be in compliance and can receive a citation.

Sponsoring Institutions must “provide residents/fellows with a minimum of six weeks of approved medical, parental, and caregiver leave(s) of absence for qualifying reasons that are consistent with applicable laws at least once and at any time during an ACGME-accredited program, starting the day the resident/fellow is required to report.” They must also “provide residents/fellows with at least the equivalent of 100 percent of their salary for the first six weeks of the first approved medical, parental, or caregiver leave(s) of absence taken.” Note that the requirement does not mandate vacation or sick days be used. It does, however, state that the minimum of six weeks of leave must be paid time off and that at least one week of paid time off must be reserved for use outside of these six weeks. Section IV.H. of the ACGME Institutional Requirements details specifics with regard to vacation time and leaves of absence.

ACGME FAQ on the new Leave of Absence Policy.