HIPAA Policy Violations

Please remember your keystrokes are being audited.

As you know, Michigan Medicine has recently updated its policies related to unauthorized access to MiChart. The new HOA Agreement has a related MOU (here).

As a reminder to all of our members, your MiChart access is continually audited and the algorithm used will automatically flag your access in several situations. The penalties for non-compliance are very severe. It is necessary that you have a clear understanding of how the system works. 

As stated above, your access to MiChart is continually monitored by a background algorithm which follows your keystrokes by the second. There are several categories that the algorithm will immediately flag: 

  1. If you access the health record of a fellow House Officer or other employee in your department.
  2. A family member.  Access to Medical Records Under Limited Circumstances
  3. Any individual who is well known, or a celebrity of any sort, will be added to the algorithm as an automatic flag (i.e., a politician, a famous actor, or anyone in their family).

This means that should you access any people listed above, it will be automatically flagged and audited to ensure you had a reason or authorization to open that record,

In short, please do not search for your colleagues. The penalties for a second of idle curiosity are not worth it. As always, should you find yourself being investigated for an unauthorized access of an Electronic Medical Record, an HOA representative will guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf.

Lastly, please ensure that if you need to step away from your workstation that you log off. Safeguarding your credentials is always required.