Your Holiday Bonus

Automatic, whether you work or not.

The Agreement contains a new provision providing all House Officers with an automatic holiday bonus to be distributed in the January 30 payroll.  

You will receive this bonus regardless of whether you worked or not. You get this benefit by being a House Officer covered under the HOA Agreement. There are no work-hour tracking requirements. The bonus is based on two workdays worth of pay. The amount for each HO level is as follows:

HO1:    $384 
HO2:    $399 
HO3:    $415 
HO4:    $431 
HO5:    $449 
HO6:    $467 
HO7:    $485 
HO8:    $505 
HO9:    $525

As always, scrutinize your pay stub by logging into Wolverine Access. For discrepancies, the Benefits Office can be reached at 734-615-2000. For any unresolved issues, contact the HOA staff for assistance.