The Parking Shuffle

Why all the changes?

The UMPNC (our nursing union at MM) won an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge regarding parking changes made in 2019. The decision by the Michigan Employment Resolution Commission (MERC) was a very long time in coming. The HOA won a precedent-setting ULP related to this unilateral change made by the administration back in 2020. The UMPNC decision resulted in the administration being ordered to return parking to the pre-2019 configuration. As a result, the:

  1. The M71 lot on Fuller has been returned to yellow (previously blue).
  2. 280 blue spots from M71 are being returned to P4.
  3. To accommodate the P4 blue spaces, the 280 gold spots are being returned to P2/P3.
  4. To accommodate 280 gold in P2/P3, and protect patient parking there is a multi-step/complex approach to move other parkers out of P2/P3 (ex: business parking, valet, etc.)

Step 1 has already occurred.  Steps 2 & 3 depend on Step 4 (which will occur in 2 phases within 30-60 days). Unfortunately, the number of entrances has been reduced, making entering the hospital less convenient.

The key takeaway is the number of HOA spots in P2/P3 and P5 are completely untouched in this AND will ultimately net 280 more blue on the main medical campus and now M71 is cheaper to use.  

There is still no plan for an additional parking structure on the main medical campus.  The University is appealing the MERC order but until the decision is overturned, this is what we have to work with as far as House Officer access to parking structures on the hill.