HOA Executive Director Retires

Reflections from Robin

Since beginning my journey as your Executive Director in late 2011, things have certainly changed at the health system, including the name. The number of clinical program trainees has grown by more than 30 percent and the number of women trainees went from 20 to almost 50 percent.. 

Looking back, I’ve negotiated 4 collective bargaining agreements and worked with 18 different administrators during my time with the HOA. I’m proud of what we have accomplished together and that I was able to guide the HOA through the Right to Work (for less) decade and was able to champion protections for you during the pandemic.

Through all the tumult during my tenure, I have always been exceedingly fortunate to work with a number of amazing physicians who selflessly served on the HOA Board. It has been an honor working with each and every Board member and to serve as your Executive Director. 

Training should be an exciting first step in your careers. However, for some, it is also a time filled with stress and frustration. Training at Michigan is not easy. It isn’t meant to be. Hopefully, you will look back on your time as a trainee and HOA member and remember that I was someone who made your journey at Michigan Medicine a little easier.

It is now time for me to pass the torch. Effective April 1, I leave you in the very capable hands of HOA staff members, Steve Smith and Dominic Barbato, as well as an excellent HOA Board.