HOA Supports Detroit Resident Physicians

The resident physicians working at the Detroit Medical Center are voting on their union. The HOA Board sends letter of support.

Residents of the Detroit Education and Research (DER) nonprofit, a partnership of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), have been organizing a union for well over a year. Their union, the Alliance of Resident Physicians at DER, has signed up a strong majority of their colleagues who want a better say in their work lives.

After numerous delays by the employer attempting to stall the union drive, the residents have an election date scheduled. They will begin voting on May 6 and the HOA supports and stands in solidarity with them as they take this step to join the ranks of unionized residents and fellows. The HOA Board sent a letter of support to let them know we stand behind them. The text of the letter is below.

Dear Members of the Alliance of Resident Physician at DER,

The University of Michigan House Officers Association would like to congratulate you on the tremendous organizing and hard-fought efforts you have gone through to secure an election date for your union. We know that standing together to fight for your rights can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. You had to wait much longer than you ever should have to secure your basic right to a union election, but it is inspiring that you kept up your fight and stood strong through those delays.

We are rooting for you and looking forward to seeing all of your hard work pay off, not just with a successful union election but with a contract that improves your wages and benefits. We know that resident physicians make the entire healthcare system run, and you deserve a contract that reflects your worth. Congratulations on reaching the next step on that journey.

Good luck, hold together, and keep fighting. We are with you.

Solidarity from the HOA Board,

Dr. Matt Basinger, President

Dr. Ilana Fischer, Vice President

Dr. Jaclyn Mauch, Treasurer

Dr. Sam Schuiteman, President Elect

Dr. Liz Southworth , Secretary

Dr. Emily Ager

Dr. Connor Knowles

Dr. Kat Krukowski

Dr. Elise Corden

Dr. Jamarie Geller

Dr. Alexis Holman

Dr. Nadine Ibrahim

Dr. Rachael Tesorero

Dr. Joseph Linzey

Dr. Haley Marber