24/7 Access Program. The Employer currently provides designated parking in the form of 24/7 access to the P3 or P5 parking structures, with such access being provided to three hundred eighty-eight (388) eligible Employees at any given time. The parties acknowledge that due to the wide variation in House Officer schedules and the current limitations on how passes to these parking structures are programmed, each month there are a number of passes that go unused for part or all of the month. To promote full utilization of the 24/7 access program, the Employer will provide an additional twenty (20) passes for either the P3 or P5 parking structures. The Employer will periodically monitor the use of the additional passes and will notify the HOA of any concerns. The Employer reserves the right, after consultation with HOA, to retract some or all of these additional 20 passes in the event that more than 388 passes are being used on the same day on a regular and recurring basis. The Employer retains the discretion to determine the location of the 24/7 Access Program, or any portion thereof, within any of the follow structures; P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5. Further, it is understood that this 24/7 access remains available only for Employees who meet certain agreed upon criteria during a given period of time.