In the event of the death of an Employee's spouse or other qualified adult as defined by University policy, or the son, daughter, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, grandchild (or spouse of any of them), of either the Employee or the other qualified adult, any other related person living in the Employee's household, or a significant other non-related person living in the Employee's household, an Employee shall be granted paid time off work. The amount of paid time off work shall be only that which is required to attend the funeral and/or make arrangements necessitated by the death, but in no event shall it exceed three (3) work days. In situations where long distance travel is required, the Program Director will make every effort to accommodate additional continuous days free of duties, which may include modifications to the House Officer's work schedule or scheduled days off, or the use of vacation days or a personal day without the advance notice normally required. If additional time off is needed, the Employee may request unpaid leave. An Employee who has experienced a pregnancy loss, as either an expectant birth parent or non-birth parent, may utilize Bereavement Leave without regard to whether a funeral or other service is held.