Dues Authorization Form

About Dues

New house officers use this form to become a voting member of the House Officers Association and authorize dues payments.

Yearly HOA dues are 0.5% of your annual salary paid in 10 equal payments September through June.

If you do not submit this authorization to the HOA by September 1 of your first year, you will be automatically categorized as a free rider until you notify the Association of your desire to join.

For more information about becoming a member and the difference between an HOA Member and a Free Rider, visit the FAQ Article: Voluntary Dues Authorization

Filling Out The Online Form

There are two steps to filling out the dues authorization form.

  • Create Your Digital Signature

    You will go through a few steps using your @med.umich.edu email address to create and confirm your one time use digital signature.

  • Sign The Online Form

    You will make your selection and sign the online form using your digital signature.

  • Video Tutorial

    Confused? We've got a video tutorial on the dues authorization process.

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