Where can I park?

This article explains how parking works for House Officers.

Parking Lots


Other Names

  • M18
  • Taubman North
  • Taubman Patient and Visitors

P2 is the primary patient and visitors lot for the hospital. House Officers should NOT park in this lot except under under special circumstances (see House Office Parking Coupon section below).


Other Names

  • M18
  • Taubman South
  • Taubman Staff Parking

P3 is a staff parking lot that requires special 24/7 Access assigned by your program. This lot is otherwise open to all house officers after 4 pm with exit by 9 am the next morning.  Any house officer coming to the hospital in the morning that will be LEAVING BY 9AM can park in this lot -- eg. for rounds or conference before going to an off-site assignment.  If you stay past 9AM you will not be able to exit the lot.


Other Names

  • M5

The Catherine structure requires a Blue Pass (or above) for entry and exit between the hours of 6am - 6pm. The gates are up during night hours. Catherine is connected to Ann via the bottom level and level 5.


Other Names

  • M6

The Ann structure requires a Blue Pass (or above) for entry and exit between the hours of 6am - 5pm. The gates up during night hours. Ann is connected to Catherine via the bottom level and level 5.


Other Names

  • M61
  • Glen Street Parking Structure

The Glen structure requires a Blue Pass (or above) for entry and exit between the hours of 6am - 5pm. The gates are up during night hours. There is a sky bridge from the Glen structure to an entrance of the Medical School.

Access to Medical School

For safety and comfort reasons, in order to avoid house officers having to walk further than absolutely necessary in the dark or the cold in the early morning or late evening, the HOA has asked that all house officers be given access to the M-card reader at the entrance to the medical school beneath the Taubman medical library.  Any house officers having difficulty with access should contact their department administration.  Contact Robin if your administration is unable to help you with access.

House Officer Parking Coupon

Commonly referred to as a P2 Parking Pass or Voucher, the House Officer Parking Coupon is used for exit out of the P2 lot. House Officers should not park in this lot unless they are assigned to an off-site location and return to the hospital prior to 4:00 pm and cannot find parking in another lot reasonably close to the hospital.  If a HO is returning after 4:00 pm, they have access to P3.

Contract Language


The University agrees to provide designated parking for an employee who is specifically designated as on-call. Access will be provided to P3 between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. In the event that exit from the structure after 9:00 a.m. is not automated, employees will be able to call parking services directly to facilitate exit. Communication with an employee's supervisor is not required to allow exit in this circumstance. The phone number to parking services will remain posted and visible at the exit of P3.

Employees who are called to the Hospital for an emergency consult, whether in the Emergency Department or on a service, may use valet parking at the Emergency Entrance at no expense. Employees must provide the valet attendant with proper identification and indicate which service the consult is related to.

An employee who has been assigned to an off-site location and is required to return to the Hospital prior to 4:00 p.m. (given that at 4:00pm they will have access to P3) will not have to pay for parking fees incurred in the Patient/Visitor parking area (P2) during the required return period. Exit from the parking area will require a parking voucher, available primarily through their individual program coordinators or the program coordinators' designees. If the program coordinator is not available, the parking vouchers will be available at the main entrance desk located on floor 1 of the Taubman center prior to leaving the parking area.

Other Info

For those House Officers whose programs require them to purchase a blue AVI, parking is available in P1, P3, P4, and P5, depending on availability and what your program has arranged for you.  Please consult your program coordinator or their designee for specific access questions.