Why Paying Dues is Important

Stronger together!

The HOA doesn't always do a good job of reminding House Officers of why being a dues-paying member is important.  The more members we have the stronger the union is.

Dues-paying members provide many benefits including maintaining and stocking the HOA and Pathology (NCRC) lounges - candy, coffee, tea, printing supplies, various programs and social events, the cost of hosting a website with a dedicated free housing site, free notary services, free attorney consultations on employment-related issues that may arise, and of course email notifications (News for House Officers).  The Association works hard to keep you updated on all of the happenings, as well as on the provisions included in your contract.

Your union employs a full-time advocate, Robin Tarter, with many years of labor relations experience, who will intercede on your behalf, when you request assistance, and has negotiated many contracts prior to joining the HOA in January 2012.  We also employ Steve Smith who has been associated with the HOA for many years.  Both Robin and Steve have spouses who are physicians, which provides them with a unique perspective.  The union has a need for historical memory, which is extremely valuable due to our transient membership.  Steve primarily provides administrative and technical support and is the HOA's webmaster.

Free Riders, a legal term, are employees who are covered by collective bargaining agreements but are not union members, because they have decided not to pay dues.  Michigan is a Right to Work state and membership is optional.  Non dues-paying members reap all the benefits of the contract, without the financial obligation.  Dues-paying members, like you, cover the entire cost.  Essentially, giving them a “Free Ride.”

Non-Dues Paying Members

If you see someone on the list who is a colleague or friend, consider asking them to join the HOA.  No dues are ever collected in July or August.  $25 monthly dues is done primarily through payroll deduction, September through June.  It's never too late to join!