Using Vacation to Offset an Upcoming Leave of Absence

You can use vacation time in conjunction with a leave of absence to avoid a training extension.

If a leave of absence will extend your training, you have the option of taking vacation time in conjunction with the leave to reduce a potential training extension.

Important notes:

  • The leave and vacation time must be within the current academic year.
  • Unused Vacation days cannot be applied to a leave of absence once it has been processed.
  • If a leave of absence is for a serious illness, often vacation days cannot be used as part of the LOA. This is because you must be cleared to return to work by Work Connections. If your clearance is received before the leave of absence has been processed, there may be an opportunity to use vacation days. Your Program Administrator can assist in determining what is possible.

You might not need to use vacation to avoid a training extension. Many certifying boards, including ABOG, ABA, and those affiliated with ABMS, provide for time away from training for the purposes of parental, caregiver, and medical leave, without exhausting vacation time.

Please familiarize yourself with the requirements of your program's certifying board. Each training program has different rules about the number of days that must be worked in order to become board eligible. Be sure to talk to your program director about the implications of your leave as soon as you feel comfortable disclosing the need.

Leave of Absences and Training Extensions can often be confusing. Please see our FAQ for further details and the contract language that applies.

FAQ Article # 00ACZ
Using Vacation to Offset a Leave of Absence
You may use vacation to offset a training extension due to a leave of absence. There are many things to keep in mind and in some cases forms to complete and deadlines to meet.