Parking in UM Lots Near the VA

Make sure you double-check the signage before running the risk of being ticketed.

It is no secret that parking enforcement is very strict here as several of you have received tickets for minor infractions like parking on aline dividing parking spaces or parking in a visitor's spot.

Be aware of the signage when working away from the hospital and using a University lot. We know our members have purchased Blue parking permits and utilize those surface lots. There are some instances, like in lot NC-5 close to the VA, where the parking spots are evenly distributed between Blue permit holders and spots for visitors. In these instances your Blue permit does not cover you should you park in a visitor spot. Those spots are metered, and you might find yourself with a fine for the meter being expired.  If there is no available blue permitted spot, which happens rarely, park in the Visitor's spot and tell the attendant you are a physician who has been called to the VA and there is no Blue permitted spots available.  You will pay out of pocket, but the VA Education Office will reimburse you.  Let the HOA know if you encounter any issues.

If you are a House Officer who qualifies and uses the 24/7 access program specified in our contract, please be mindful that you can only overflow into Visitor Parking in P2 when the assigned structures become full.

Should you have any questions regarding the parking options and rights available to House Officer, please refer to Article XVIII of our contract.  Questions about a specific lot?  Follow the link to the Medical and North Campus Map.