Board Elections Are Coming, Seeking Nominations

Consider getting involved in your union by nominating yourself to serve on the HOA's board.

Our membership is strong with 1,210 members or 95% of the bargaining unit. Having a strong membership is very important, but having an active Board is also crucial to the Association's continued success! We need members to consider running for Board positions. Nominations for all Board positions are now open and will remain so until Monday May 11th at 10am.

To nominate yourself, please send us the following information:

  • Name
  • Program and Year
  • A candidate statement that is roughly a paragraph long and explains why you are running.

The information you provide will appear in News for House Officers and be included as part of the ballot. The election period begins on May 22 at 10 am and runs through May 27 at 10 am. You will receive an electronic ballot in your Inbox.

Contact Us to Submit Your Nomination