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Bargaining Updates

Progress at the Table

Implementation language slows progress.

26 APR 2023


Bargaining Continues

Finding the middle ground is a struggle.

5 APR 2023


Solidarity is Real

A big thank you to all who were able to show up and support the bargaining team yesterday!

29 MAR 2023


No Interest in ACGME Language

The Administration refuses to add protections to the HOA contract which echo the ACGME Institutional Requirements.

27 MAR 2023


Not Feeling like “Springtime”

Michigan Medicine wage offer to HOA leaves residents further behind.

21 MAR 2023


Running In Place

Michigan Medicine refuses to acknowledge inflation-adjusted wage increases.

15 MAR 2023


Another Uneventful Bargaining Session

Both sides continue to talk.

15 MAR 2023


Inadequate Parking

The hot topic from our last bargaining session.

8 MAR 2023


Our Interests Have Been Presented

The union awaits the administration's counter-proposals.

1 MAR 2023


Wages That Reflect Years of Growing Inflation

Your bargaining team made their first wage proposal.

15 FEB 2023


Bargaining Has Begun

Your labor is cheap, but it shouldn't be free!

9 FEB 2023


HOA Interest Statement

Check out what we will be asking for at the bargaining table.



A Message From the President

A message from our Lead Negotiator, and current HOA President, Kyle Johnson.

24 JAN 2023


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Meet your bargaining team and help us amplify our message heading into contract negotiations.

23 JAN 2023


Bargaining Team Prepares for Negotiations

HOA and Administration announce their teams.

1 DEC 2022

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Stories of Sacrifice

The road through residency is paved with sacrifice. Sometimes the administration needs to be reminded of how hard it is.

Please consider sharing your story with us. We'll use it to make our case for better protections and increased wages.

Your story may be shared with the labor relations team to enhance our bargaining position, but any identifying information will remain private.

You also have the option to keep your personal details fully anonymous, including from us.

Thank you for sharing.